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Unless there are great strides in space travel this is the only planet on which anyone alive today will live.  Even so, we are destroying it at warp speed.  For that reason we have decided to make as much information available about this situation as we can.

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Please check out Saving God’s Earth. Project Green Update

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As we continue to move forward with Project Green, we are getting more and more excited about its potential for good. We have been in contact with installers and students who will be doing the actual work, as well as, communities that will be providing us with the names of our clients. This list has been expanded to include all low income families with those with the greatest need being served first.

Our biggest need now is in the area of finances. We hope that you will find our project to help others, and, in the process, do something to help save our planet, worth contributing to. Our donate button is in the lower right corner of this page. A list of contributors will be made public at the end of the year and you will be on it, unless you tell us that you want to remain anonymous.

Another way that you can help is by buying our products. We have earmarked 10% of the profits from all sales to go to Project Green. All items on our Conversation Starters page, plus our books are included.

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  • There is natural beauty all around us. Has the artificial world become more real than the natural environment?
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