Family Center

Here at Look and Find Jesus we support family values and clean entertainment. We hope that our center will be a lot of fun and also educational. Some of the books; games, both video and board; and crafts will be Christ centered, while others will be there for just plain family centered entertainment.


Featured Book

New Testament Times

New Testament Times: Merrill C. Tenney
ISBN 10: 0-8010-1265-1

In New Testament Times Professor Tenney looks at the life of Jesus and the early church through the eyes of the Bible and also many writings from the time by writers outside the Bible. He starts by describing his sources. He then looks at politics, culture, Jewish heritage, and the pressure of paganism that were relevant before the birth of Jesus. He continues to discuss the life of Jesus and the development of the early church, always quoting from the Bible and including outside information available from the time. He concludes as the church is moving into the 2nd century. Included are many wonderful pictures, maps, and graphs to help someone to visualize what is being said.

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Game Fact

  • In 1936, Parker Brothers introduced Monopoly after buying the rights from Charles Darrow.


Family Digital Game to Try

A suggested game with Look and Find Jesus’ approval.

It’s a simple, fun, free little game that can be played online. Did I mention it’s free. Click on the link below and have fun.

Easter Eggs Game

A Crafty Idea Game During Bible Times

Mini Bud Vase Magnet Craft ProjectThis magnet craft project is simple, fairly inexpensive, and great for you and your children to make. It is good for around the home decoration or to make as gifts. The image to the right is a sample of how the mini bud vase magnets can be decorated.

Materials Needed

  • Miniature bottles – can be found at any local craft store
  • Miniature flowers – can be found at any local craft store
  • Very strong, nickle coated small magnets – check out the local craft store, if not available try Amazon
  • Super glue – make sure it is super glue, school or craft glue isn’t strong enough

Decoration Ideas

  • Scrapbook stickers – make sure to clean the bottle with rubbing alcohol or distilled white vinegar
  • Acrylic paint – make sure the bottle is clean
  • Small metal shapes – can be found in scrapbook or jewelry section of local craft store; here you can use either craft or super glue

I hope you and your children have fun with this neat craft idea.

Source: Projects for the Home

OT Bible board game

Above: Game board found from Mesopotamia in the city of Ur which dates around 2500 B.C.

Archaeological discoveries have found toys and games from Holy Bible times which include dolls, rattles, marbles, and board games similar to chess and checkers.